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Just Mercy

I am in the middle of reading a book right now called Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It is a book documenting his fight as an attorney who defends the poor and the condemned. It is a fascinatingly sobering, eye-opening book and would recommend it to anyone!

One of the chapters begins with a poem written by Ian E. Manuel from Union Correctional Institution that captures in beautifully written words such strong emotion, such a common fight that we all endure that I was compelled to share it here.

The poem is called Uncried Tears.

Imagine teardrops left uncried

From pain trapped inside

Waiting to escape

Through the windows of your eyes

"Why won't you let us out?"

The tears question the conscience

"Relinquish your fears and doubts

And heal yourself in the process."

The conscience told the tears

"I know you really want me to cry

But if I release you from bondage,

In gaining your freedom you die."

The tears gave it some thought

Before giving the conscience an answer "If crying brings you to triumph

Then dying's not such a disaster."

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