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Doormat syndrome

Are you a doormat? I know I am, sometimes. I am being a doormat when I succumb to the pleading of my 12 year old to bring him something to drink, while simultaneously cooking dinner, helping with my other son's homework, and sweeping the floor. This "syndrome" comes in many degrees of severity. This issue becomes a problem when you begin to notice that you are feeling frustrated, irritated, and used. But when you feel those things, do you listen? Do you show respect to yourself? Do you communicate these feelings to others and begin the process of setting boundaries? If not, then you will find yourself repeating this pattern of being used, feeling frustrated with others, and begin to resent them for it. But in all honesty, the only person you can be upset with is you. After all, you are allowing it.

The great news is that the power to make change resides in you. You can start today. You can recognize what the repeating loop in your behaviors is and make a slight change. Then when that is successful, make another. Before you know it, you have established a new pattern of behavior which will become the new way of life!

You have the power!!!

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